C-Store LightingIlluminating Ideas for C-Stores

The better your customers can see your merchandise, the more they will buy. We offer a complete selection of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes for every convenience store application:





Convenience Store Lighting


Spotlight on Sales

DSCSE can help you with LED, florescent, and specialty lighting for convenience stores that:

  • Creates a bright, cheery atmosphere
  • Makes shopping pleasurable for the customer, and profitable for you.
  • Helps meats, fruits and vegetables look their appetizing best.
  • Slashes your lighting power costs to a minimum.
  • Outlasts conventional lighting many times over
  • saves money on replacement bulbs
  • Reduces the frequency of relamping



How Can DSCSE Help You?

DSCSE cares about your success as a convenience store owner / operator.You can count on DSCSE to give you personal attention and modern retail equipment to optimize your revenues.

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