Ice Machines

Convenience Store Ice MachinesMake Ice – Make Money

Ice is a profit staple in today’s convenience store. That’s why DSCSE provides a vast selection of commercial ice machines for convenience stores.

Fountain drinks and bagged ice are among the most profitable items offered in c-stores, with both delivering about a 60% profit margin according to Convenience Store News.

Virtually all of today’s c-stores have a fountain program and promote it heavily because of the high profit margins it delivers – 60% compared to about 30% for canned and bottled sodas. Larger equipment, with more capacity and more valves – which means more choices of drinks and flavors – has evolved to support the increased importance of this category. Today’s stores routinely offer 8, 10, 12, 16, or even 20 valves. And, faced with today’s tight labor market and concern for labor savings and employee safety, more operators are moving from manually loading the dispensers to automatically loading them from a top mounted ice maker.

C-Store Ice Machines



Ice Machine Configurations

DSCSE can help you select the type of ice and beverage dispensers to increase your convenience store profit margin based on:

  • Manual load versus automatic fill
  • Storage capacity and number of valves
  • Integral beverage cooling or separate, mechanical cooling system
  • Location of dispenser in store
  • What kind of ice is desired



How Can DSCSE Help You?

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